Pjur - Delay Condoms

Pjur - Delay Condoms
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Many men who would like to enjoy their love-making longer but some are faced with a serious problem: “premature ejaculation” or “premature orgasm” – the most common sexual dysfunction among men. pjur superhero delay condoms can really help overcome this problem. Made of natural rubber latex, these condoms have a smooth, cylindrical shape with a reservoir tip containing a mild, local anesthetic. This can reduce the man’s sensitivity, and thus prolong the erection and ultimately the pleasure for both partners during sex. What makes this product innovation special is that the reservoir contains a precisely dosed, safe amount of lidocaine, thereby excluding any overdose of the anesthetic agent.

Creams and gels applied to the gland of the penis to reduce the sensitivity and to dampen the stimulation have to be washed off before sex so the anesthetic agents don’t affect the sexual arousal of the female partner. The pjur superhero delay condom offers many of these people a much more uncomplicated path to a “normal” sexuality. In combination with the pjur superhero spray, these condoms can ensure particularly long sexual pleasure for both man and woman.

Of course, they are contraceptive and provide protection against sexually transmissible diseases.

  • Against premature ejaculation
  • With lidocaine, a mild local anesthetic
  • Made of natural rubber latex

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