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Boosting your libido is now as easy as chewing Gum!!

The benefit of using V-XL GUM is the instant oral absorption as compared to the digestion required to gain the energy boost from pills.

Slip a pack of V-XL GUM into your pocket or bag and, since it's gum....it's nightclub and airport friendly! So friendly that, with 4 pieces per pack, you can share it!!

- No sugar and no aspartame

- Only natural flavors and natural colors

- Energy for you and Xylitol for your teeth

- Possibly the most portable & fastest source of libido boost!

- V-XL GUM is sugar free!

- V-XL GUM also contains Tribulus Terrestris which is thought to help in cases of infertility, erectile dysfunction and low libido.  In the last decade it has become popular for sports performance too!

How it works:  Chew ONE piece 5 mins before sexual activity - No water required - Discreetly freshens breath - Acts quickly without anyone knowing - No need to swallow a pill or capsule - No prescription needed

V-XL GUM - This exclusive product is an excellent way to improve your sex life. Your partner will be extra satisfied.

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